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Lion Hospice recognizes that the dying process is a part of the normal process of living and focuses on enhancing the quality of remaining life. Hospice affirms life and neither hastens nor postpones death. Lion Hospice provides comfort and support to persons in the last phases of an incurable disease so that they may live as comfortably and fully as possible. The goal of hospice care is to improve the quality of a patient's last months by offering comfort, dignity and care in a familiar setting.

Lion’s strong team helps patients and families address the significant medical, emotional, psychological and spiritual changes in their lives. Hospice addresses all symptoms of a disease, with a special emphasis on controlling a patient's pain and discomfort. Quality of life is improved as physical, emotional and spiritual concerns are addressed and alleviated. For more information, please contact us.

Lion Hospice offers comfort care to all terminally ill patients and support to those patients and their families without regard for diagnosis, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, race, creed, disability, age, place of residence or ability to pay.

Daughter of 89 year old mother with cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's:

"Some people give hugs. Some people give help. You gave your all. Thank you all for the care you gave my family annd my mother. Your staff was such a blessing for us. You have a wonderful team."

Wife and son of a beloved 86 year old man diagnosed with late stage Parkinson's:

"Thank you for being so kind and gentle. Your team was absolutely amazing and I don't know if we could have gone through this process without you. You provided everything and more to the very end. We are so grateful for everything you assisted us with and truly will never forget the care and compassion you surrounded us with."


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